Sober Living Home in Oceanside

Structured, peaceful, right next to a bus stop and located in the Tri City area across from Mira Costa College!

Oceanside sober living provides many positive features:

  • Firm, but caring enviornment
  • Support and guidance
  • Structure and boundaries with freedom to choose
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Sobriety Life Phasing
  • Sobriety foundation
  • Job search or training
  • Independence

Since we set our standard high we are certified with CCAPP and SOARR!


Holistic Healing & Path to Independence

You will have access to professional consulting from Ellie with her years of experience in healing her own life, 12-step participation, and self reflection. Therefore, she uses visionary strategy and specializes in wellness with spiritual psychology. Moreover, she uses one-on-one goal setting and vision boards to aid the success of all residents.

  • Morning Meditation
  • Aroma therapy & Essential Oils
  • Sobriety Foundation Phasing, including: Job search & training and path to Independence

Location Amenities

Walkability to just about Everything!

  • Breakfast breads, coffee, tea and cookies
  • Bocce Ball, Ping Pong, Game tables
  • Close to Tri-City Hostpital
  • Variety of local restaurants, Mall, movie theatre, gym, shops, bus & trains
Street parking only. We are conveniently located 2 blocks from freeway entrance, 2 blocks from the bus stop.

Our Memberships