About Our Program

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and provide a sober living home for women that offer safety and support while fostering health and recovery. In turn, empowering women to become successful, productive, and independent.

Statistics show the people who leave a treatment facility to return home, have a relapse rate of 90% in the first year. That percentage is cut to 50% after just three months in sober living. So we suggest the longer one is able to remain in sober living, the better their chances of maintaining sobriety.

What can you expect in Sober Living?

First and most important is a community of compassion and support. Second and just as important is accountability. So, we breathalyze daily and drug test randomly.

We have friendly gatherings for some meals. We offer a family dinner once a week, yoga and a monthly fun educational event. Because using drugs and alcohol is so abusive to your body and soul, we encourage that this is a time of self care and learning new coping skills, we ask that you be gentle on yourself and see how you can create an amazing life by staying sober one day at time.

About Ellie

Ellie Favaloro is a psychology based Spiritual Life Coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  She has earned Certificates of Excellence in Energy Modalities, both Reiki and Access Conscience Bars.  She was certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and obtained Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Certifications.

For years, she was challenged and worked through many life obstacles such as divorce, domestic violence, single parenthood, alcoholism, addiction, stress and weight gain. She has found recovery!

During her mid 20’s she began her recovery process with AA and has been sober since. Moreover, She has lived with real struggles and wants to share 30 years of experience in healing with you!

Ellie is excited to offer others the opportunity to achieve similar life-altering results that she has experienced..

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