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What is a sober living home?  Are they nice? 

A sober living home (sometimes called a halfway house) operates as a bridge between residential treatment and the "real world." Once leaving a residential treatment center, you may want to explore sober living home options. Sober living facilities will allow you to practice the tools you learned in residential treatment in a safe and structured environment.

A sober living home is a great option for someone who takes their recovery seriously. For most in early recovery, we need to make sure we are investing in our future to have the highest chance at success in recovery. A sober living home provides a different level of care than a residential treatment center, sober livings do provide a positive environment to focus on your recovery.

In a residential treatment center, patients are engaged in programming around the clock in groups and sessions with medical professionals. In a sober living home that is not the case, clients that reside in a sober living home are applying the tools they learned in treatment in their every day life in the "real world" living in a safe environment the sober living homes provide.

Residents are not held under lock and key at the sober living homes, they can come and go as they please. This allows the residents in recovery to feel like they are easing back into normal life and can start participating in life's regular activities. Every sober living home has their own set of rules to follow, but they are less restrictive than a treatment center setting. Sober living homes are a great resource for individuals who want to "double down" on their recovery. Count yourself in Today! 760-415-3560

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