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Sober Living Home in Carlsbad

Are you looking for a sober living home in North County San Diego? Sober Living Today has two beautiful homes in Carlsbad and Oceanside!  Our sober home has a track record for success in providing supportive sober living. Many women in sobriety have called our Carlsbad and Oceanside locations 'home. You'
What makes this sober living homes so successful? We care about each person and provide amenities for Holistic Healing, such as Alkaline Water, Aroma Therapy, Rooftop Yoga and of course, our therapy dog Bruce.

Sober Living Carlsbad is within feet of a public park, a short walk to great restaurants, a farmer’s market and of course a mile from the beach!
Sober Living Today’s success has been based upon a program where accountability is mandatory. This creates a community environment where women support each other daily. This support includes attendance at local 12 step program.

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Our Memberships

Our Story

Sober Living Today in Carlsbad is a sobriety home for women offering a safe and supportive environment to get sober. Our Founder Ellie Favoloro is an active member of the San Diego recovery community and also trained in many healing arts.

Our Structure

Our founder has been involved in the San Diego recovery community for many years.  Ellie's vision is to provide supportive, safe, and comfortable sober living for women in early recovery so that they may thrive and grow in a healthy environment.

What Our Sober Living Homes Offer

At Sober Living Today we know that a supportive environment greatly helps recovery by providing exposure to positive people and high quality amenities that will help you thrive in sobriety. Sober Living Today provides professional oversight to help you achieve your goals in sobriety.  While living at our San Diego sober living homes, you will be immersed in a group of successfully recovering women who are not only serious about maintaining their sobriety, but also serious about success in all aspects of life - like careers, relationships, and physical health. Our San Diego sober living homes are all conveniently located near the beach, farmers markets, gyms, recovery meetings, public transit, yoga studios, restaurants, and many opportunities to work.

Our sober living house managers work alongside clients, parents, spouses and professionals to facilitate the changes that will support lasting recovery. Our comprehensive sober living program includes:
  • Zero tolerance (creates a positive culture of recovery)
  • Life skills development (cooking, cleaning, etc)
  • 24 hour support and mentoring
  • Bi weekly drug testing, nightly breathalyzing
  • Access to outpatient therapy/psychiatry/family therapy
  • Assist with meetings, sponsors and mentors
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Networking for jobs
  • Resume creation
  • Self-nurturing & Independence Guidance
  • Weekly family communication
  • Clear communication and role playing

A Sober Lifestyle In An Uplifting Community

Re-integrate into the 'day to day' activities of life without the use of drugs or alcohol at our homes in San Diego. Sober Living Today can help you achieve the life you want while being connected to the active San Diego County recovery community. Our residents enjoy activities such as meditation, yoga, beach visits, hiking, community involvement and more. These outdoor activities are proven to help reduce anxiety, improve gratitude, create healthy self-discipline and cultivate a positive attitude all while helping you start the process of resuming your professional or academic career.