Sobriety is not just a new year’s resolution!

Many people seemingly get beat up by alcohol and drugs during the holiday, AA meetings get flooded with new faces of despair.  What happens after the new year?  That is a good question, some get sober but unfortunately many don’t.  The chances of someone staying sober and continuing to live in the same environment in which they were drinking is very small.  Statistics find that if people live in a quality structured sober living they better their chances of staying sober by of 50%.  Living in a community that has the same goal is very useful, however, having the accountability is another level of commitment.  We breathalyze daily, random drug tests and hold everyone accountable to their program of choice.  Drinking and drugging becomes such an automatic way of life for the user that having a safe home to create a new habit is vital in change.  Every day we ask, “How are you going to stay sober today”?  “What meeting are you going to”?  These are very important questions and gives a person an opportunity to consciously choose sobriety verses automatically picking up a mood-altering substance.