Sober New Year's Celebrations!

How to have a safe happy New Year party in Sober Living?  It is a difficult transaction to go from the life of the party to drinking coffee in a sober living home in North County San Diego.  It is almost culture shock and a needed change for someone that has the physical allergy to alcohol.  Our North County San Diego Sober Living home for women offers many community events and support for holidays that may be difficult for the ones that were the partiers of all events, weekends and most days.  It takes time to adapt to a sober lifestyle but after just a short time becomes easier and feels more natural.  As the Owner of a Women's Sober Living in San Diego I have used my experience to help women see that after time being sober it can feel great.  The biggest hurdle is giving it time to see the possibility of having a wonderful life sober.  North County is a great place to celebrate in Sobriety, we have many meeting places that have all night meetings.  There is a lot of fun people just like you that are looking for sober fun!

Come join us today in our quest to live a fun sober life!