If someone wants to be sober and have peace of mind; it is critical to be honest with yourself and others about your drinking. Especially, if you have been going to meetings, put some sober days together and then relapse. Its far too common, for people that relapse, want to cover it up and hide their shame.   Admitting is difficult but crucial to gaining long term sobriety.  When I was drinking I constantly lied about my drinking and drug use.  I never wanted anyone to know the depths of usage, I don't think I wanted to admit it to myself.  How did it happen to a nice girl like me that just wanted to be loved and accepted by my family and friends.  I was out of control and didn't want anyone to know that I couldn't stop.  I felt worthless and hopeless, yet I acted like nothing was wrong.  Today I hang on to my sobriety date, I never want to feel worthless and hopeless again.