Guard your Drink!

Guarding you drink during holiday parties could be a life or death action.  It sounds so extreme and maybe is for a normal drinker, yet for an alcoholic it is the difference from living a sober and sane life or living in a hell that can end up in jail or death.  I was taught early on that I am responsible for my own sobriety and nobody else is.  One way not get a sucker drink is DON'T drink out of the punch bowl!  The punch bowl is a common drink that is loaded with booze, stay clear away!  Also you may provide your own beverages if you are not sure of who is hosting the party and if they will have non alcoholic beverages.  In the past I have brought my favorite soda or water and enjoyed what I like best without worrying if they will have something for me.   I also make sure that if I put a drink down on the table and walk away, I do not return to it, especially if the glasses all look the same.  I also don't try to drink my water out of wine glass, I don't need any more reminders of how much I use to like to drink.  I was at a dinner party once and the host felt bad about me not drinking and was nice enough to put my soda water in a fancy wine glass with a little bell on it.  Great just what I need is my beverage dressed up as a fun drink to remind me how I loved to drink.  She didn't know better and I quietly switched glasses.  It is little things like that sit in the back of mind telling us how much fun it is or maybe just one more time.  The truth is by the end of my drinking, I was not having fun and One drink could lead me back to the hopeless life that I once experience.