Enjoy a sober summer!

Summer time can be fun sober!  The 4th of July just ended and the heat wave is slowly ending too.  Even though I have been sober for a long time I never forget how this time of year was always a big drinking time and black outs were just part of it.  I never want to forget the feeling of trouble and shame that was lurking after such a long holiday week.  It helps me to stay honest about what happens to me when I drink.  I like many others have a physical allergy to alcohol.  When I drink it takes on a life of its own, I never know what is going to happen.  It all seems like fun until it crosses a line of bad behavior and reckless acts.  I prefer the life that I have created sober.  During this holiday season, I was lucky enough to go to the beach with my boyfriends 6 year old twin grandsons, my dog and Suzanne from Yoga Bloom Wellness who brought her paddle board down for the boys to enjoy.  It was a fun day with the boys in the water, the dogs swimming chasing balls and me trying to paddle board with the boys.   We finished off with a picnic and ate Jeff's famous fried chicken and potato salad with beans and watermelon.  The water was so warm I continued to take the dog to the beach and go swimming ever day for the next 3 days!  There is something special about the energy of the salt water that makes me grateful to be present to it.  We can always find safe sober fun if we look for it!  Sober life is far better than the hell of drinking for a girl like me. I am forever grateful I am sober, happy and living in North County San Diego!