Benefits of Helping other people who are suffering from addiction and depression

Don’t let your misfortune and affliction be wasted on guilt shame or regret. Use it for good, for your own healing, Sense of purpose and usefulness.  It is our primary purpose to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.  We share our experience, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Here are other benefits of reaching out:

Improves physical well-being.
Those who engage in helping others are less likely to suffer from poor health later in life.

Raises self-confidence and self-esteem.
The experience of helping others can lead to a sense of greater self-worth and confidence. And volunteering can provide you with a sense of purpose, especially in tough times.

Encourages friendships that buffer against stress and illness.
Reaching out gives you the chance to meet and connect with new people, in new settings. It helps you build social ties that can help fight feelings of isolation during difficult times.

May help you live longer.
Even when controlling for other factors such as age, health, and gender, research has found that when people volunteer, they are more likely to live longer. And the earlier you start, the better. People who volunteer at an earlier age in their lives experience better health outcomes later on in life.

A Sense of purpose and usefulness can fight against depression, it may be just what the doctor ordered!