A Friendly invitation!

I thought it was enough structure for sober living to mandate a morning meditation, so I now do a friendly invitation.  At the sober living house the girls have to sign out and in every time they go somewhere, they breathalyze daily and submit to a drug test randomly, they are also required to go to 12 step meetings and have a verification sheet signed.  That is a lot of have to do's!  I wanted to add our daily meditation and daily reflection meeting for a positive start of the day but did not want to make it mandatory.  It is one of those suggestions, like when you go ski diving and they suggest that you pull the parachute cord.  Not that we would die without it but why not do something that would be a great start to the day!  One of the girls said it has helped her tremendously and that she is very grateful that we do it.  I now put it on the calendar from 6am to 7am as quiet time, to sit have coffee, read our daily reflections, and sit for a 20 minute meditation.     We ask everyone to read the daily reflections, however the girls have a lot of freedom to stay for any part of the meditation, and breathing exercise a few minutes goes a long way, then can get up any time and walk around or get their coffee.  It feels like a more gentle way of creating an ever lasting practice.  The same for our walk the dog after and our weekly yoga, come for all of it or any part it is just a friendly invitation.