Guard your beverages during the holiday season, it is your responsibility to protect your sobriety.  We never know if people are going to spike the punch bowl or add a little something to the drinks that are offered at a holiday party.  One of my residents was quite intuitive when she was offered the punch she asked if they were the one that made it to be sure there was no alcohol.  She made a good choice not to partake in the punch.  It sounds innocent to be at a party and take what is offered, but for an alcoholic it could be a deadly mistake.  Even leaving a drink on a table and going  back to it later is a scary thought.  I always held my drink in my hand and once I put it down or walked away from it, I make a point never to pick it up again.  I also provided my own beverages by taking my favorite soda or water with me and having it handy and in a different type of glass or bottle as not to make any mistakes.  I was taught that I and only I am responsible for my sobriety.  I cherish it because I know what life is like without it and I never want to live that living hell again.  I found that I have endured a lot of heart ace in sobriety, I just lost my parents 2 years ago and have not found it necessary to pick up drink.  I know the holidays has its challenges and family parties are a trigger for many recovering alcoholics.  I also found some relief in going to more meeting and helping other alcoholics in need.  We really don’t have to far to find someone that by sharing our stories could help them choose another day of sobriety.

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