Learn What Makes a Good Sober Living Home

When it’s almost time to leave treatment at a rehabilitation center, you have a difficult decision to make: where do you go? After all, if you’ve just been in treatment for a long period of time, you might not have a job or many financial resources. You also may not be able to return home, possibly because you feel that going back to that environment will increase your risk of falling into old habits and relapsing. So, what do you do?

One option is a sober living home. These homes provide safe, affordable housing to people in recovery, and work to provide a positive, supportive environment. However, not all sober living homes are the same. What kinds of sober living homes are there, and how do you choose one that’s right for you?

High accountability should be a priority if you are truly looking to stay sober.  Some homes have more structure than others and if you are serious about staying sober, the more structure the more chance you have to succeed.  This is a very serious decision, your life is depending on it!

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  • Sheri F

    came to this house a broken woman who had lost everything to alcoholism. Years of ongoing trauma that exacerbated my addiction caused me to become hopeless….I was dying…
    I begged God for help and guidance. Somehow, some way God led me to Ellie and her house. As a result of being here I have found safety and love from Ellie as well as the women in this house. We all have been offered the beautiful gift of starting over, the gift of healing, the gift of a sober life. I cherish every moment I’m here and eternally grateful for these gifts. My prayers have been answered.

  • SannyKic

    Nice posts! 🙂

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