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Sober Living & Recovery Home in Carlsbad

If you have been looking for a sober living and recovery home or half way house in Carlsbad, you have found the cat’s meow of sober living in San Diego! This beautiful upscale modern home in Carlsbad is a very successful sober living home. People come to the Carlsbad location to get sober in a clean, modern upscale environment with an ocean view deck with tons of outdoor seating, a putting green and ocean views to calm to soul. Take a look at our amenities and our holistic approach to getting sober at our Carlsbad sober living and recovery home. We look forward to helping you recover and become sober in Carlsbad.

Sober Living Today in Carlsbad is a recovery home for women offering a safe and supportive environment to recover and get sober.  Amenities Include: Holistic Healing and Meditation Room, Alkaline Water, Aroma Therapy, herb garden, rooftop yoga, beach cruisers and our therapy dog Bruce. Local Amenities Include: nearby park, local AA meeting location, library, nail salon, great restaurants and a farmers market with tons of local shopping.

Our Executive Director is Ellie Favaloro, who holds her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Ellie shares her passion for sobriety, healing and fellowship. Sober Living Today is here create and provide a sober living home for women that offers safety and support, while fostering health and recovery. We empower women to become successful, productive, independent and most importantly, sober.

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